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Tbird Art

Urban Landscape: Sahara Sunrise

Urban Landscape: Sahara Sunrise

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Materials: Acrylic, spray paint and thread on printmaking rag paper.

Size: (h x w) (100x 70cm)

This artwork comes unframed.

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This artwork is inspired by watching the sunrise near Marrakech in Morocco.

I love watching the sunrise and watching the pitch black space around me dissolve into vibrant colours of pinks, yellows and oranges that slowly dissolve into daytime sky blue.
I also love that you don’t need to be at a special location for the sunrise to create a sense of awe.

It has been proven that watching the sunrise or sunset gives you a better sense of gratitude which is what I hope this artwork achieves. 

This artwork combines spray paint, acrylic and hand embroidery on 285gsm Fabriano Rosaspina Paper.
The texture created with the hand embroidery creates a subtle sense of depth, helping the viewer experience the vision of colour.

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