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Tbird Art

Reveal :Sahara

Reveal :Sahara

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 Materials: Acrylic, spray paint and thread on printmaking paper.

Size: 50cm (W) x 70cm (H)

This artwork comes unframed. 

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This artwork was inspired by visiting the Sahara Desert and part of my ‘Reveal’ series

‘Reveal’ is a series of work that highlights the other side of my artworks previously left hidden from viewer’s eyes. Often when finishing an artwork, I have looked at the ‘back’ and thought it looked more interesting than the ‘front.’
I love the fact that the ‘front’ sewing is precise, organised, and logical compared to the ‘back,’ which looks like a chaotic, organised mess. I personally associate with my ‘reveal’ artworks working and living in our current society. There is an expectation to be organised and presentable when you internally are an organised mess. This artwork reveals and embraces the mess.
I hope that it allows viewers to allow embrace their inner chaos and allow them to realise there is something interesting and beautiful your imperfections.


want to ensure that your Urban Landscape fill your room with joy. If it does not it can be returned for free. 


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