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Tbird Art

Kenyan Time 1

Kenyan Time 1

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This artwork is part of a collection of artworks I made whilst an artist in resident in Kenya. It is a mixed media artwork on Somerset 300gsm printmaking paper.
Size: ( L x W ) (69 x 46cm)
This collection of artworks explore the process of creating memories whilst I travel. In my everyday life like many I am used to daily, weekly and yearly routines. I have a work life, family life and lucky enough to have time for passion projects or past times. At times it feels I have become programmed to think the repetitive thoughts on Monday morning starting the work week through to Sunday night after the weekend. 
Whilst an artist in residence in Kenya I was located on a farm for six weeks. Instead of my everyday life routine I was instead exposed to hills of grass and vegetation. Each day I would observe the colours change and look for animals such as elephants and zebras grazing for food. As I explored the surrounding landscapes I would take photos and videos to help assist my memory. 
These paintings were created over time, each day painting a few more layers of paint. Before each layer of paint I would reflect on a past day or activity. I would consider how I had felt, what colours I could use to communicate the emotions I had felt. I would meditate on memories of the landscape and tune into the outlines that were strong in my mind. 
Each layer channels into a different memory. Whether it be memories from my morning watching the sunrise over Mt Kenya, or my fascination with Candelabra trees dotting the horizon on hot dry afternoons. 

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