Urban Landscape: Ocean Water 1

Urban Landscape: Ocean Water 1

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This artwork is inspired by watching the ocean water crash over a series of rocks and the interesting patterns created from this.



(H x W) (100 x 70cm)

Acrylic, spray paint and hand embroidery on printmaking paper.

This artwork comes unframed.

Signed on the front.

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I want to ensure the artwork purchased suits your space so if on delivery you change your mind please contact me for a free return.


My Urban Garden and Landscape artworks are created using photos of gardens or landscapes as inspiration. I aim to capture and recreate the energy and vibrancy of these environments by using the following processes:

- Layer 1: Acrylic paint is used in an intuitive manner to communicate the natural vibrancy of the natural environment in these images.

- Layer 2: Spray Paint is used to spray a geometric stencil grid over this natural environment stamping out the planned organised way we have developed our natural environments.

- Layer 3: Hand embroidery is used to connect the natural and urban layers building connections through patterns that highlights the flaws and features of these environments.