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The first time I travelled overseas it was to Europe on a Top Deck tour. The tour I selected was the cheapest camping trip I could afford that allowed me to pass through as many countries as possible.

Yes I passed through many countries, some without even stepping off the bus. The best thing from the tour was that it made me want to travel back to specific countries and explore these countries in detail rather than purely travelling to 'Europe.' 

Year: 2018

size: (L X W) (98 x 68 cm)  on 250gsm printmaking 50% rag paper.

layering process: screen print, hand stamping and hand embroidery. 


This print comes unframed although framing can be organised.  

$800.00 excluding postage. 

If interested in purchasing please email me (tbirdaustralia@gmail.com) to organise shipment options.