'Activewear' A3

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'Those who question me parading down the street in my activewear should remember Coco Chanel was initially questioned making fashion from men's underwear material.'


This print design recognises Coco Chanel who became the first designer to create loose women's fashion. Chanel introduced the first 'black,' bringing the colour reserved for mourning out onto the streets. I am enjoying activewear being the new black which gives me an excuse to wear my black compression tights on the streets. 


'Activewear' details:

Edition:  100

Year: 2017

size: A3 on 250gsm printmaking 50% rag paper.

layering process: three layers of screen print, spray paint, hand stamps, hand embroidery and handwriting. 

notes:  Due to the nature of hand generated art prints there may be slight indifferences between pieces (e.g.: slightly more yellow spray paint highlights compared to another piece). I like to think I am a machine but in this life I am only human.